Sally Jaques Robertson

'I quickly worked out that my passion in life wasn’t wearing a suit, carrying a brief case or crunching numbers but it was helping people. Helping people to understand, to learn and through teaching and dealing with different people I learnt a lot about myself and who I am as a person'

I began my career in 1999 as a young, naive & impressionable girl with huge ambitions to 'make a difference'. I really had no idea what I wanted to do other than have a job where I could wear a suit & carry a brief case!

I started at the University of Newcastle enrolled in a Bachelor of Business & Law and quickly got tired of the full time student life style of partying, studying and having no money. In my second semester at University I decided I wanted to work and study, I always needed to be busy. I applied for three employment positions that were advertised in the local newspaper and received a call back for an interview for all three positions. 

I took a position as a trainee accountant at a small firm in Newcastle and I ended up staying with them until July 2009. The position seemed like an easy choice. The partners were young & fresh and the offices were very stylish – a good fit! During my time with the firm I not only had the opportunity to progress as an advisor and complete my Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Newcastle but I also had the opportunity to watch a small firm grow into a successful business. I progressed from trainee accountant to a management role and worked on a vast variety of clients.

I quickly worked out that my passion in life wasn’t wearing a suit, carrying a brief case or crunching numbers but it was helping people. Helping people to understand, to learn and through teaching and dealing with different people I learnt a lot about myself and who I am as a person. I have also gained an acceptance for all types people and their personalities and have learned to adapt to my environment and the people around me to bring out the best in them.

I left the firm in July 2009 to pursue a new challenge in a consulting role. This consulting role quickly grew to me picking up a lot of consulting work and within months the concept for BASE was born. I wanted to create a business that was not just based around the traditional servicing of clients for accounting & taxation and billing per hour but providing education and support to clients in an ever-changing environment of tax laws, complicated tax issues and endless fines & penalties and make it as simple as possible so that they can enjoy being in business rather than not sleeping at night from the stress of it all.

BASE is young compared to most firms in the industry however within a short period of time we have built an impressive portfolio of clients. These clients range from our larger clients in the resource & aviation sectors to our small clients in a variety of industries. All our clients are equally importantly to the BASE family and are provided with service and education on a level playing field, we don’t class our clients according to size or wealth. Some just need a little more attention than others!!

BASE also has a team of professionals whose energy & knowledge combined makes for an entertaining work place. We all believe in the same philosophy and through leadership & hard work (and lots of fun) together I know we will make a difference.

There have been a few people that have been influential in this journey and without their unconditional support I would have never had the strength or courage to take this leap of faith.

My husband is my rock, im not sure that I would be able to function if I didnt have him cheering me on and supporting me. Some days I dont know how he puts up with me. I love you with all my heart and thank you for helping me create my dream and most of all making it come true.

My daughters Sienna & Stella, you are both my inspiration. You inspire me everyday and motivate me to keep going so I can be someone you both look up too and respect just the way I look up to my parents, You are my purpose in life.

My father has been a huge influence in my move from employee to employer. He has been very successful in business and to this day is still my mentor. His methods of business are very different and a little ‘outside the square’ but I believe this has attributed to his success. Although there are some aspects of business we disagree I respect his opinion because it is always fresh and completely different to the norm.

My mum you are my number one fan. The only reason I believe in myself is because of you. You will never give up on me, this is something I have come to appreciate now that I am a mother too.

BASE is my creation and I am so very proud of what it stands for.....I am now enjoying building the business, this growth phase is exciting and challenging.

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Corinne Stevenson

Doug McCarron

Doug is one of our Senior Advisers who predominately supplies a wide range of professional advice and services to our clients based in both Sydney and on the Central Coast. Doug’s portfolio of clients span a vast mixture of  industry including Real Estate, Development, Licensed and non-Licensed Hospitality, Technology & Travel & Transport.

Doug is a member of the Institute of Public Accountants and holds a Bachelor of Business with a major in Financial Accounting. Doug has also completed his Mortgage Compliance Pack with the Mortgage & Finance Industry Association of Australia and is an Australian Investments and Securities Commission – Registered Agent and a former Credit Ombudsman Service Member with makes him a ‘handyman’ to have around in the office!!!

Some of Doug’s previous employers include Australia's larger Public companies such as Consolidated Press Holdings Ltd, Publishing and Broadcasting Ltd, Asian Pacific International Ltd and NCR Australia Ltd as well as a variety of public practice firms across Sydney.

This wealth of knowledge & experience makes him an asset to the BASE team and an asset to our clients!